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High availability architecture consulting, development, security and maintenance of high transactional mobile and cloud platforms in the financial services, retail and telecommunications industry.

Integrated with a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center focused on real time detection and correction of security and software risk, avoiding downtime and lost revenue.

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Tech Stack

Nearshore Services



Software development and back-end business operations

Nearshore DevOps has become the modern change agent for the IT sector in recent years. It allows organizations the opportunity to combine cost effective Nearshore software development and back-end business operations.

BlueSky DevOps prime goal is to automate your business processes into software and applications that deliver operational efficiency.



Full-stack developers from a reliable provider

Nearshore FlexDev in the fast-paced business environment of software product development is a strategic advantage that can save up to 50% on software development costs. Hiring a remote team of employees is a standard business process today.

Nearshore FlexDev allows organizations the opportunity of cost-effective Nearshore full-stack developers from a reliable provider.



Add a single person or a team of people for a flat monthly fee

Nearshore FlexOpex in the new business environment of COVID-19 with 64% of US employees are working from home now, according to research conducted by SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index. Hiring a remote team of employees is a standard business process today.

Nearshore FlexOpex allows organizations the opportunity of cost-effective Nearshore Staff Augmentation. Add a single person or a team of people FlexOpex is the perfect fit for any budget.

BlueSky FlexOpex is the perfect solution to flex your OPEX budgets to accelerate the growth of your company in a more cost-effective way. FlexOpex allows organizations to add a single resource or a team for a flat monthly fee, your organization can quickly add a wide range of talent like Software Developers, Project Managers, Software Integration Engineers and many other Technical Specialist focused on the Cloud, Web or integration of back-end business systems.



Develop a Cloud migration strategy tailored to your needs

BlueSky Cloud allows organizations looking to adopt the Cloud into their infrastructure planning a cost effective NearShore partner. We can help organizations develop a Cloud migration strategy that’s tailored fit to meet their needs. Our Cloud experts help organizations understand how to implement a Cloud environment, how to migrate their data to the Cloud and what data to migrate first.

Establishing a roadmap of your organizations migration timeline that allows a deep understanding of the time frame and detailed cost of your Cloud migration journey.

BlueSky Cloud provides Cloud management services that reduce the cost of day to day operational cost by 50%. Build a NearShore team to help consolidate the cost of managing your organizations Cloud environment.



Essential back-office tasks by English proficient agents

Nearshore Business Process Outsourcing is the business secret for small startups to large corporations in today’s ever changing and highly competitive business climate.

Outsourcing routine back office essential tasks eliminates the stress of hiring staff, reduces financial overhead, removes social security and employee taxes that optimizes your focus on core business processes.

Bluesky BPO drives growth with your custom hand-picked teams of English proficient agents that are seamlessly integrated into your organization. BlueSky BPO can save most organizations up to 50% on tailored back-office support solutions specific to your business.



Bilingual contact center and business process solutions

Nearshore Concierge provides the next level of customizable Nearshore Bilingual contact center and business process outsourcing solutions. It combines the cost effectiveness of a Nearshore Bilingual call center and business process outsourcing solutions for up to 60% less than U.S. based call centers.

Through our talented and skilled team of bilingual agents we provide quality Customer Support, Inbound Sales, Tech Support Solutions, Live Chat Support and Bilingual Business Intelligence Surveys focused on the ever-expanding global Hispanic market.

At BlueSky Concierge we serve as your trusted advisor throughout the customizable design phase the Nearshore facility implementation and day to day goal focused management helps our partners gain greater operational efficiencies by outsourcing their processes.



Skilled security experts and advanced cybersecurity analytics

SOCas-a-Service from BlueSky CUBE delivers best in class equipment, access to skilled security experts and advanced cybersecurity analytics. That monitor, detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats 24/7/365.

Instead of building, deploying, training and retaining skilled experts. You simply subscribe to the services and scale to meet your cybersecurity needs.

BlueSky CUBE has transformed the large capital expenditure into a predictable operating expense, while ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

Our locations and facilities

Ready to work remotely or on-site

One of our nearshore headquarters is located in the city of Monterrey, capital of the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, is a sprawling business and industrial center fringed by mountains.

Our building has roomy and newly remodeled spaces, we give priority to making people and teams feel comfortable, relaxed, united and motivated.

Nearshore locations: México, Colombia, Brazil.

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Workspace at the Monterrey IT Cluster in Mexico

Great office space for technology development and innovation. Premium location at the Monterrey Technology Park, just 3 minutes away from the airport.

Modern infrastructure, fire protection system with sprinklers, electric emergency plant, great IT site, meeting rooms, cafeteria, electric substation, 24/7 security and more.

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